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About Jelena

Family: "I was born in former Yugoslavia. Lived in Germany for 10 years and then moved to Canada 22 years ago with my family. At that time my parents decided to stay In London and lay down some roots here. I got married to my wonderful husband Dejan in 2018 and we welcomed our beautiful little girl Adriana to our family last year (2020). I am very thankful and grateful for my family and wouldn’t trade them for the world!! "

What do you like about living in the area? London is a diverse city and I love that. It is a nice and quiet mid sized city.Large enough to have nearly anything you could need yet small enough that the traffic volume is reasonable and not having many “big-city” problems. Geographically it is well situated and has good highway links to the major cities. It is about midway between Toronto and Detroit for ‘big’ city things and close to some nice parks on the shores of Lakes Erie and Huron for outdoorsy things. The city has good employment and education opportunities for everyone and the housing and other costs of living are reasonable. Great shopping and entertainment locales. London is called the Forest City and lives up to its name. There are many forested areas and pleasant bike paths that run across the city in multiple directions.

Favourite Restaurants: Craft Pharmacy & Abruzzi Ristorante Conception Sushi.

Hobbies and favourite things to do: Spending time with my family and friends is one of my favourite things to do but I also enjoy working out, hiking, dancing, cooking and just being outdoors always makes me happy! Especially in the summer time.

Dream Vacation: I really enjoy warm weather and love the ocean. My dream vacation would consist of touring the world. I would love to see as many countries as possible. I think it would be the most memorable and ultimate travel adventure of all.

Other than a family member, dead or alive, who would you like to have dinner with? My grandparents, all four of them. They were all such wonderful people. They were alway there for us in the best and worst of times.